Mobile Touch

About Mobile Touch

Mobile Touch® is the easy way to communicate with your customers via text and deliver a better experience. For one low fee, you get unlimited texting on our Internet-based dashboard that will leave you wondering how you managed your traffic flow without it.

With Mobile Touch®, you can increase service appointment show rates, recapture missed appointments, and keep customers better informed throughout the service process.

The user friendly dashboard will allow you to avoid lost service productivity or even gain productivity by eliminating time waiting on customer authorizations.

Let’s face the facts:

Mobile Touch Facts
  • Fact 1: More than 5 billion text messages are sent each day
  • Fact 2: Most people are within a few feet of their mobile phones at all times
  • Fact 3: 98% of people respond to a text message in less than 15 minutes

Mobile Touch allows you to:

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Text Service Updates

Keep customers better informed while their vehicle is in for service.

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Increase Efficiency and Profit

Receive repair approvals within minutes, increasing throughput on the service drive.

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Improve CSI

Improve customer experience with a timely thank you.

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Increase your revenues up to

$20,000 per month or

$240,000 per year just by expediting repair authorizations

RO's per day 50
% of RO’s Requiring Repair Authorization 65%

Total Repair Authorizations per day 33
% of Vehicles Removed from Lift 25%

Total Vehicles Removed 8
Hours Lost per Vehicle 1.25
Hours Lost per Day 10
Labor Rate per Hour $115

Total $ Lost per Day $920
Total $ Lost per Month $20.240
Total $ Lost per Year $242.880

Mobile Touch Features

  • Automated Appointment Reminder Text
  • Bulk text messaging
  • Text communication archive
  • Daily data feed from the DMS
  • Archive Keyword Search
  • Usage Reporting
  • Ability to text pictures and PDF
  • Automated Scheduled texting
  • Unlimited Daily text volume
  • No Throttle Rate (Unlimited texts per minute)
  • Integrated Customer Variables
  • Advisor Signature Creations
  • Web Based Application
  • Unlimited Users


Unlimited text messaging for one low monthly fee!

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Whether you send 1 text or 10,000 it’s all the same price

mobile touch updates

Unlimited number of users

Let us help you stay ahead of your competitors!

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